musicology #64

Ike Turner Tribute #4

(Ghetto Funk – Ike Turner & Kings Of Rhythm)

over the past few days themusicologist has been involved in some heated, (internet), debate regarding the paying of tribute to Ike..not going into it here but one comment suggested that nobody would even know who Ike was if it wasn’t for his riding on the back of Tina’s talent !! hmmm..

now it’s one thing to try and tear his life to shreds with all kinds of personal insults, (scum/bastard..etc), but to disrespect his musical contribution is unforgiveable…someone even stated that he had wasted his life? how do they think his family feel about this abuse, and, make no mistake it is abuse.

all themusicologist is able to comment on is his musical contribution, which is huge and great. so here’s another fine piece from Mr Turner this time at the birth of Funk…taken from the 1969 LP A Black Man’s Soul.


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