musicology #63

Ike Turner Tribute #3 (Ike&Tina Turner – The Argument – 1962 – Sue)

so theres been Ike as piano player, Ike as producer and now this piece of musicology from the golden year of 1962 finds Ike, (& Tina), on vocals, in can hear it not only in the lyrics but more importantly in the atmosphere. penned by Ike there’s menace in there.

like I said, I’m not going to speculate or pass judgment on the personal nature of the relationship especially as this piece says it all so I’ll just let the music tell the story.


6 thoughts on “musicology #63

  1. lot of visits for this one..the most themusicologist has had so far. was it the title?, the tune? or the ‘tags’ .. who cares as long as it connects. thanks to you all for the continued support, most appreciated. nice to know there’s so many music lovers out there..


  2. shame I cant read all thats writen or the comments that are being posted regarding Ike,
    but I have to agree whatever the “The Man” did outside of his musical career, as a musican his legacy speakes volumes


  3. to be honest upsidedown it’s not really worth reading. it’s judgemental, bitter and far too subjective. you know as well as I do that in these times of self importance it’s far too easy to ‘throw stones’ and boo, hiss ‘the villain’.

    the music he left us with, as you rightly say, speaks volumes.


  4. And what’s really surprised me is the “weight” of the obituaries to Ike Turner… I mean, even The Economist, a right wing, capitalist, British rag ran one… You don’t get much more “important” than that!!!!


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