musicology #60

coversweek day 7 (Alton Elllis – Massachusetts)

last of the covers and what better way to call it a day than with the soulful voice of Alton Ellis, a foundation artist who helped shape the Jamaica sound that we know and love. To be honest I don’t know the original too tough, I’ve heard it a few times but for me Alton makes it his own.

taken from one of the first reggae LP’s I had the pleasure of procuring, full of top cuts, straight out of the top drawer and yet another from the Brentford road crew… (might have to make a separate category for Mr Dodd as time goes by).
ahhh, sweet music…


3 thoughts on “musicology #60

  1. Hi there.
    I dont know if your aware but Alton has been give the order of merit in jamaica recently owing to the fact he is terminally ill with bone cancer in hospital. (“iriefm”)

    Many Thanks


  2. pace,
    just caught this comment !! moody spam filter stopped it..I wasn’t aware of Alton’s condition. thanks for letting me know hopefully I won’t need to lay down a ‘funeral march’ for Alton.


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