musicology #58

coversweek .. day #5

(Womack&Womack -Angie)

this next piece is an example of how the ‘cover’ can almost make you forget the original. don’t get me wrong the Rolling Stones cut is a great song which, considering they are not really my bag shows how music can and does overcome all the subjective obstacles we place in it’s way but, and maybe I’m in the minority, I have always found them to be more concerned with the fame and the lifestyle which, for themusicologist, seems to come across in their songs. that said if any of you are big Stones fans and disagree then I would appreciate you directing me to the songs that you feel do communicate a message.

finally, as you may have concluded, themusicologist is not too knowledgeable in the popular music department so will be more than happy to stand corrected. in the meantime hold this soul bearing selection that should always have been sung by a man and a woman and if you have ever loved and lost this ones for you and try to remember that the hardest part is saying goodbye.


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