musicology #56

coversweek .. day #4 (I Shall Be Released – Heptones)

“I see the light come shining from the west up to the east … anyday now, anyday now… I shall be released”

top ranking piece of Studio1 ‘ sufferers’ action from one of the great Jamaican vocal groups. Leroy Sibbles was also musical director, arranger, bass player, producer, (along with Sylvan Morris) and all round musicologist for the Brentford Road powerhouse after Jackie Mittoo had packed his bags for Canada in 1971.

the lyrics are courtesy of Bob Dylan who may or may not have been aware of this cover due to the non existent copyright laws on the island … but i’m sure he would have approved as the group certainly brought something new to the song.


One thought on “musicology #56

  1. for a few months now this song (dylan version) has been playing on my jukebox constantly so it was a pleasant surprise to hear this version. The Heptones give it a more upbeat feel – I imagine being ‘released’ on a nice beach whereas old Bob’s lament makes me feel … dont let the buggers get you down………


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