musicology #55

coversweek .. day 3

(Candi Staton – Stand By Your Man – Fame -1970)

it has been bought to my attention that a possible flaw on themusicologist is the abscence of the track and artist info. my intention is to promote communication, not withhold precious information, so from now on expect to see it at the beginning of the post …. just to reiterate, themusicologist is a forum for sharing music, knowledge and communication.

slipping back into some soul for todays ‘version’ that epitomizes the essence of coversweek. this vocalist is best known for the disco classic young hearts run free but before that she was a disciple of Rick Hall’s Fame studio where southern soul was polished into a High Art.

It was the early Mod Classic You Better Move On, (Arthur Alexander) that launched the FAME sound followed by Jimmy Hughes’s Steal Away. the FAME studio was responsible for many a well known Soul tune by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Clarence Carter, Joe Tex, Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett, Bobby Womack, etc and it was into this creative maelstrom that the artist in question evolved from a teenage member of the Jewell Gospel Trio in the 1950’s and early 60’s, (touring with the likes of the Soul Strirrers and Mahalia Jackson), into to a woman capable of scoring ‘hits’ throughout the 1970’s. so without further ado .. hold this country and western standard. ladies .. enough said !!


One thought on “musicology #55

  1. this song brought a little tear to the eye…I’ve always liked Candi Statons voice and she brings something special to this country classic…I watched a film clip of Patsy Cline singing ‘crazy’ last night…what a powerful voice she had, them country singers can hold a tune!


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