musicology #53

coversweek .. day1

(Randy Crawford – Knocking On Heaven’s Door)

due to the popularity of themusicologists recent thematics, (ladiesweek/mansweek/duets/vocalgroups), as well as the personal pleasure gained by sharing such music it’s time to jump back into the saddle and throwdown a new theme.

coversweek .. alternative renditions of well known tunes …

most of the time I favour the original but on occasion an artist brings out something different in the tune and reaches new ground, as is the, (subjective), case with the seven pieces this week.

first up is a female vocalist who has already featured on themusicologist, (musicology #26 ), with a pucker rendition of a Bob Dylan song, (first of two Dylan covers), from the movie Pat Garret & Billy The Kid. themusicologist is a BIG fan of Dylan having grown up listening to the cat from ‘early out’ and I place him high up the learning tree as one o me ‘learning facilitators’ along with father Curtis, the Modfather, the Poet, Van Morrison and a few others so, without further delay ..


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