musicology #52

back to the musical diary…

(Little Ghetto Boy – Donny Hathaway – Freddy Luster Remix)

as themusicologist evolves, grows and unfolds it reminds the I of a stream, meandering slowly down from the hills following it’s natural path, but in places the stream widens into a river and flows with uncontrolled rage, dangerous, aggressive, unpredictable and threatening. At these junctions it becomes a sink or swim, fight or flight situation. Sink and drown or fight and conquer. Navigating such waters is a challenge and tools become a necessity to help point the way.

I speak in these metaphors as right now the stream is leading into the river and I’m looking at the navigational tools at my disposal and wondering what one to trust, the compass or the map?

not often that themusicologist favours the remix or the cover version, (keep it locked for a ‘coversweek’ theme) but this Freddy Luster rinse out adds to the original in my opinion.

hold it, hear it and watch the cultural ride.


3 thoughts on “musicology #52

  1. Sticking with the metaphors… if you have to trust a “tool” then go for the compass (it’s based on natural phenomenon i.e. magnetics)


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