musicology #48

vocalgroupaction .. day7

(Back Up Train – Soulmates)

last piece. 1967 .. who can tell us the name of the lead singer?


8 thoughts on “musicology #48

  1. No sweat… and thanks again for the musical feast you’ve laid on these last 4 weeks for your listeners… it must have been hell at times… hell as in what the hell do I choose!!


  2. so it ends, and on a beautiful note.
    a lovely musical journey from the single
    voice, pairing up with another in the duets
    through to the strength of the group, some
    absoulute marrow tremblers, some that lifted
    the heart and some that wrung it out!


  3. supa … hole in one. none other than the man himself singing lead with the soulmates.
    respect is due.
    countess .. you clocked it a journey that started through the eyes, heart and soul of the individual all the way through to the harmony of the group.
    thanks for the comments and support.


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