musicology #46

vocalgroupaction .. day5

(Sincerley – Moonglows)

theres no way this one could have been left out of the vocalgroup selection. for themusicologist the benchmark against which all vocalgroupaction is measured. first heard this sometime in the early 70’s through a foundation musicologist who has often been the catalyst for introducing new sounds and it still sounds at least as sweet now as it did more than 30 years ago … amazing how music can trigger detailed memories, I can almost reach out and touch them.

One of these cats, Harvey Fuqua, (not singing lead on this one), was instrumental in the development of the vocal group sound eventually moving on, (with protege Marvin Gaye), to Detroit where he worked his creative magic and helped build the Motown Sound … Released in December 1954 on the Chess label out of Chi’


7 thoughts on “musicology #46

  1. this piece is so beautifully crafted, yet has
    a freshness about it that never fails to make
    me tingle, ya just have to sing along, and loudly.


  2. And the nostalgia is in the mind… how bad?

    Memory Lane kicks in with this one…. I was a lover of LP’s (singles being somehow disposable touch/feeling). “Sincerely” by The Moonglows was on one of the first “Cruising” albums…. 13 albums showcasing D.J.’s (a first I think. And the artwork?…. something else!). I acquired the whole set.

    Sometimes, strolling down Memory Lane, I wonder whatever happened to them and did they give as much pleasure to others as they did me.


  3. Whoops.. “disposable in a touch/feel way”. Thin paper sleeves (plain more often than not). Cheap (I think it was 6/8 d. It may have been more but it was definitely less than 10 shillings i.e. 50 pence in todays money). “Plugged” as throwaway (the science, and the word, marketing hadn’t quite hit the streets…. yet!).


  4. know them albums well. as for whether they gave others the pleasure .. they must have. the good thing about those albums in particular is that the musical spread is ‘across the board’ didnt they span from 1955 all the way through to 1967 ? !!


  5. Yep. 12 (13?) years. 1 album for each year. Each album showcasing a particular American radio D.J. and his choice of (post payolla?) music. The album covers agit-pop art works in themselves (one which springs to mind shows two collage freshmen close up. One student has a copy of Steinbeck’s Grapes Of Wrath sticking out of his pocket. The other has another of the “must be seen with” books in his hand).

    The art work in the style of ????
    The title of the other book???


  6. 1. Roy Lichtenstein
    2. I’m not sure anymore if this was “the other” book or the one sticking out of the pocket. Evenso…. J.D. Salinger “Catcher In The Rye”


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