musicology #45

vocalgroupaction..day4 (Elephant Walk – Donald & The Delighters)

I first heard this about 6 / 7 years ago. I fell in love with it there and then at it has since become one of my favourite pieces of vocal group action..having enjoyed it many times it never ceases to amaze me how innovative it is. which, considering Donald Jenkins is on the session, (singing lead), is no surprise as, for themusicologist, his contribution, (especially), to the vocal development of Soul deserves a mention. check that use of echo and the mad jungle sounds .. wonder if Lee Perry knew the tune? one from the witch/cortland stable out of Chi’ from the summer of 1963


2 thoughts on “musicology #45

  1. no surprise there as the whole group were long time vocal group singers, (as was often the case back in the day), these days it seems to be a case of here today gone tomorrow.Theses cats began their career in 1955 as the fortunes, (recording on the Checker label). broke up around 1957 when Jenkins joined the navy. returning in the early 60’s he ‘waxed some sides’ as Rico & Ronnie and the Starr Brothers with long time spar and fortunes member Ronnie Strong. In ’63 they hooked back up with Walter Granger, also of the fortunes, and this vocalgroup was born.
    info courtesy of Robert Pruter a musicologist of the first degree


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