musicology #33

mansweek day 6..

(Sam Cooke – That’s Where It’s At)

just realised that 33 was the age which this legend died at. so thats nailed it for themusicologist ..

Mr Soul step up and let the people know what we’re talking about.



6 thoughts on “musicology #33

  1. when Sam gets it right – like this ; its like being transported to a wonderful/special place and being allowed to share in the most pecious gift that life can bestow


  2. what a sublime voice, and the lyrics are simple and spot on…didn’t Bob Marley die at 33? and I beleive its the age Jesus is reputed to have been crucified, obviously a tricky year!


  3. too true .. themusicologist had his world rocked to the CORE at that very age and almost didn’t make it back …. yet again music was there as the major comfort/guide lending me the strength to carry on. like Galadrials Star of Elendil, given as a gift for the time “when all other lights go out” sure were dark days back then in 2001


  4. And the sun didn’t shine that much in 2007 either!!!

    I’ve a question… do you get many comments on “old” postings? I ask because, for me, “tracking back” is one of the most enjoyable experiences on themusicologist….. right now I’ve just listened through Major Lance and am now being entertained by Paul Weller…. blinding.


  5. true but no comparison to the ‘dark days’

    not too many but it’s early days for themusicologist. partly why I like to think of it as a musical diary. glad you’re ‘riding’ and enjoying it.
    as for Mr there’s a cat who lives and breathes the music. hats off to you sir.


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