musicology #26

day #6

(Randy Crawford – You Might Need Somebody)

moving into the eighties with a piece of musicology that rings many a bell. BIG Lp, (secret combination), at the home of themusicologist in 1981/2. Well do I remember all the ladies singing this at the top of their voices after a few glasses of the red stuff, (you all know who you are), I could have pulled out a less well known piece to impress the Cats but thats NOT what musicology is to me.

It’s tunes like this that evoke strong memories and made emotional impressions on a young boy coming of age, helping to shape this heart into how it responds today. I can almost taste, smell and see the times in the minds eye. final day of ladiesweek tomorrow and then it’s time for the men to step up to the M.I.C


2 thoughts on “musicology #26

  1. can taste the wine…wished I’d had ‘Tear Your Playhouse down’ then, another slice that I can
    never get enough of…..keep that fire burning, it does warm hearts.


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