musicology #23

ladiesweek .. day3

Big Maybelle – Ocean Of Tears

moving and juggling into a piece recorded for the OKeh label sometime between 1952-55 but, as far as I know, one that stayed ‘in the can’, (unreleased), until the CD revolution opened up the back catalogues in the 90’s.

for your information this tough singer recorded the original of “whole lotta shakin’ going on” in 1955, (2 years before Jerry Lee Lewis rinsed it)


2 thoughts on “musicology #23

  1. 3 fabulous vocalists…each one makes the
    body tingle, but I have to say the track by
    the glorious Dinah went straight to the marrow.


  2. People…. please don’t forget a certain Della Reese. I once owned a LP of hers with the most chilling (as is coldly chilling) version of of the song “Love For Sale”… check for it!


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