musicology #22 two..

if Bille is the most influential then as far as themusicologist is concerned this next vocalist has the best ‘set of pipes’ .. I know that’s subject to my opinion of what constitutes a good voice and maybe there are those who would disagree. if so..clean your ears out.

the effortlessness, timing, phrasing and authenticity of this singer is beyond question.

again, extremely challenging to pick just one tune from her large catalogue..

recorded March/April 1947

p.s who does’nt?


3 thoughts on “musicology #22

  1. who doesn’t..want to be loved with inspiration or kissed until they tingle or caressed until heartbeats intermingle…wrong or right. it’s all there in the song.


  2. ahhhh….. the penny drops!!! My excuse is I’m one of those beyond merely turtle-doving. Wow…. she certainly belts out that last line!!


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