musicology #20

Barbara George – I Know 

staring down the barrel of a 3 week musicology theme, themusicologist is slipping in this request from theagingmod, (comment on #19), recorded in 1961 for the a.f.o label in New Orleans just as the tide was turning from the traditions of R&B into the sweet sound of Soul.

also ties in musicologically with the next 3 weeks selection,

week1. hereby known as ‘ladies week’ (a tune a day sung by and for the ladies)

week2. hereby known as ‘fellas week’

week3.hereby known as ‘double bubble week’ (duets)

starting Mondays, ending Sundays…keep it locked.

agingmod…this ones for you.


8 thoughts on “musicology #20

  1. Bliss….. had many a lass singing it to me!! Seriously though, this song with its easy going, laid back beat was a TOP jiving number for anyone like me i.e. a “bottle Job”….. hahahahaha


  2. “I know” by Barbara George was played to death at the Lyceum. The Lyceum was a run-down Mecca ballroom that had seen better days i.e. during and just after the second world war, which by pure luck (and perhaps circumstance) became THE London Mod venue.


  3. a legendary venue indeed just off the strand especially suitable for the South London crew as it was just over ‘the other side’ of old father thames.
    3 generations of themusicologists family were regular visitors and every one of them had fond memories. in fact i do believe that the family saw it through from, (Swing-Mod-80’s Boogie), it’s first opening in the 40’s up to closure in the 80’s.


  4. Perhaps, me coming from the South, “THE London Mod venue” was stronging it a bit. The Scene probably deserves that distinction for the purists.


  5. make you right there. the first club of it’s kind in London. The Scene set the tone for every club that followed.


  6. Here’s something that is not common Mod knowledge…. the music played at the Lyceum was not the same as the music played at the Scene, and the music spun at the Scene was not the same as the music spun at the Disc, which in turn was not the same as that spun at the other main clubs and venues…. while all played the same “in” jiving numbers, each had its own unique sound/feel/soul… e.g. Chuck Berry wasn’t played at any of the “purist” places… he was too heavy; too rock and roll perhaps…. But, thankfully, he got well and truly “rinsed” at the Candy Lounge!!


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