musicology #19

(Delilah – Major Lance)

themusicologist is as much about the sharing of knowledge as the music itself. this fling is a fine example of what musicology means to me.

we were at a dear friends daughters second birthday bash, (happy birthday Nova), on Sunday and one of the guests was a beautiful baby girl whose name is this songs title.

of course as themusicologist there was only one thing to do and I enquired as to whether the child and parent were aware of the TOP tune I am about to throw down…as the answer was no I proposed to attach it to an email, (I would consider changing my name to be associated with such a slice of musicology), but this way it gives themusicologist a chance to indulge his passion for this singer, this particular tune and even more importantly the song writer/producer/musical genius whose message has been a constant inspiration throughout my whole life so without further ado .. this ones for you D*****H … from themusicologist.


8 thoughts on “musicology #19

  1. Ahhh… Major Lance…. Produced by Curtis Mayfield….. What a mix!!!
    Talking of DJ’s… here’s one for ya…. Charlie Gillett


  2. according to a respected, authentic, foundation mod source this was ‘rinsed’ back in the day at many of the best London venues.

    considering its from 1962 and was/is one of the tunes that heralded a paradigm shift in Souls direction it stands to reason.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I can work out MOD began to make its presence known in this year as a new wave of youngbloods kicked off the 50’s shackles to confidently announce that the first genuine English youth style of any significence had arrived on London’s streets.

    This new thinking gave birth to every major English youth culture movement from skinhead to punk from casual to rare groove, acid house and beyond. So to all the FACES out there…respect is most certainly due.

    Keep it locked as there will be many Mod ‘screamers’ to come from this ride through musicology and don’t forget that if you have any requests….let themusicologist know and i’ll see whether its in the vaults


  3. Yes, there’s one hell of a (true and socially important) tale to be told about the MODS. Maybe someday a few like-minded people will get around to it!! By the way, the MODS also gave “the girls” a voice. Just one of which being a certain lass named Mary Wells. So here’s my request(s). “You beat me to the punch / Whats easy for two is so hard for one”. If unavailable then “My Guy” will do… Or, now thinking about the other “girls”, Doris Troy’s “Just One Look”, or Sugar Pie DeSanto’s “Soulfull Dress”… or the Fontana Bass classic played to death (sic!) by the GI’s stationed in Vietnam “Rescue Me”… or “I Know” by Barbara George, or “Oh No Not My Baby” – Maxine Brown, or “You’re gonna need me” by Barbara Lynn… or, or, or, or, or
    (not forgetting to wrap it all up with Bessie Banks and “Go Now”)…. I could go on, and on, and on!!!


  4. Strange thought here….. that list of requests pins me down. It places me in a time and a given number of places. It’s my musical fingerprint/footprint so to speak…. I wonder if anyone else suss’s that. And if so…. can add to it (musical or otherwise)???


  5. Taking you up on your kind offer, here’s a request…. and a musical puzzle.
    1. Lets Go Baby (Where The Action Is) by Robert Parker.
    2. Was this released as a single or was it the B-side to the better known “Barefooting”??
    Also, and relative to the genre of my request, I’ve other bits of 60’s musical (top) nonsense buzzing around inside my head, driving me mad, these past few days which, while easily placed, I just can’t name. For starters, can anyone help with this… “Sitting in my ya, ya, waiting for my la, la, ah-ha, ah-ha”… or words to that effect??
    P.S. Don’t wally it off willy-nilly. Listen to it first.


  6. 1. got it .. hold tight.
    2. spot on it was the b-side to barefootin
    3. Lee Dorsey … Ya-Ya .. top tune could never be wallied off.. big tune in themusicologists musical upbringing

    “baby hurry don’t make me worry a-ha .. a-ha
    please baby hurry don’t make me worry a-ha .. a-ha
    it may sound funny but I don’t believe she’s coming a-ha, a-ha”


  7. Lee Dorsey… Now there’s a short-lived blast from the Mod past (didn’t he also do “working in a coal-mine”?)


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