musicology #18

(Gwen McCrae – Keep The Fire Burning)

this one goes out to the saturday night/sunday morning crew who’s company themusicologist had the absolute pleasure of sharing. special thanks to JP for the kind words regarding this musical’s what makes it all worthwhile. Not forgetting me bredren, (Reload), and the special woman in my life…

“but as time goes by, things get cold and dry theres no more water in the well,
and there aint no way that two can come together if we stay locked in our shell”

love this piece..


6 thoughts on “musicology #18

  1. Taking me back to the good ol’ day’s …..memories of all
    parties under the westway wid Rappattack….dancing til daylight with Funkadelic and skanka……sweating with frenz stomping to Main Attraction sound …….respek !!!


  2. Sam..appreciate the comments..

    definately the good ol’ days … Rappattack and Main Attraction rinsing boogie all over London

    maybe we should start a ‘Bring Back The Boogie’ Campaign !! I would love to see the ‘full crew’ line dancing All Night Long .. does’nt happen anymore.


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