musicology #15

(Maze – When I’m Alone)

back to the one tune with one of my favourite pieces of 80’s boogie.

Sunday afternoon ‘Soul spectrum’ selection … in training for the soul weekender next month.


7 thoughts on “musicology #15

  1. 80’s boogie? ‘Soul Spectrum’? Training for weekender’s? Was it the 80’s? Funny how time passes away… Ummmmm, sounds like a cue for another request????


  2. 80’s boogie was/is the terminology used to describe a strand of ‘soul’ made during 1980-1985. Before that it was Disco, after that it was Electro.

    Greg Edwards Soul Spectrum started in the 70’s if memory serves me right and strictly speaking that was when it made the biggest impact on the young musicologist but I’m sure brother Greg was still serving up selections like this in the 80’s.

    Weekenders…now that’s something else. The legendary Caister Soul Weekender which started in 1979 is still going and themusicologist is trying to get a little ‘team’ together to soak up the soul and boogie over the last weekend of this month.

    These days it’s not easy as there seems to be too many excuses for not committing…but I’m trying…


  3. 1. Any chance of an example of Disco?
    2. Methinks Greg Edwards was active, one way or another, in the late 60’s too.
    3. For mods in the early 60’s, “weekenders” meant something else tooo. Those days it was “simply” Friday through till Sunday… Up West. Later it was to be the likes of The Isle Of Wight etc., etc.
    4. And so to “there seems to be too many excuses for not commiting”… sadly true.
    Still, insert the word “reasons” instead of “excuses” and gains weight/credibility for the masses (it also sounds easier), O.K., I’m aware of the can of worms which could be spilled here i.e. reason v excuse


  4. 1: disco example soon come.
    2: I’ll bow to your knowledge on Mr Edwards
    3: still going strong
    4: excuses was a bit strong and reasons is a more effective word.


  5. Thats it!! …. “effective word”…. And yet, as you once wrote regarding music, I question the motive. I ask myself…. effecting what, or who, or why??? And for good or bad, positive or negative??? Yep, beware the power of words (especially those commited to paper).
    P.S. Top disco example…. it had me wishing I’d been there… chuckle, chuckle.


  6. Classic Mellow boogie from one of the masters of soul….have you heard the the other version of this piece.

    While i’m alone- Frankie Beverley Gregar record label 7″

    I’m feelin this one king……….LWR ,,,the freshest music in town !!!!


  7. Sam,
    nice to know that there are some real boogie lovers out there listening.

    don’t know the 7″ .. (have you got it?), have to try and track it down.

    Full agreement..Frankie Beverley is most definately one of Souls masters,

    LWR … !!! theres a blast from the past. exposed a whole generation to the sounds of the underground.


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