musicology #13

(Alton Ellis – Its Too Late To Turn Back Now)

Believe me when I tell you .. it’s not easy choosing what piece to throw down. seems like every time I set myself to post, something more suitable appears, (that’s what comes of listening to music day and night I suppose !!)

Not that I’m complaining as music is nutrition for the soul but personally I find it very easy to get ‘lost in music’ which is fine if theres nothing else that needs doing but in this age that luxury is for the few, (and I’m not one of ’em!!)

Hold this majestic piece of Sunday afternoon lovers from the vaults ..


3 thoughts on “musicology #13

  1. how are you feeling about the one tune technique?

    or do you favour the 3/6/9 selection?

    comments appreciated


  2. this is a beautiful selection, dont know what
    the others you rejected were but I fer one am
    glad this one won…reggae music eeeeezes them
    muscles in the neck.
    p.s. I prefer the one tune technique


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