musicology #12

(Marvin Gaye – We Need Love)

sticking with the love & heart selection

one of Soul’s kings whose voice and choice of songs are second to none. taken from one of the most underrated albums of all time …

“it don’t matter what you are…..a thief , a beggar or even a superstar”


4 thoughts on “musicology #12

  1. Here My Dear… In my humble opinion Marvin Gaye’s Mugnum Opus…. magnificent, painfull…
    health notice. Not to be taken in small doses. All or nothing!!!


  2. sure nuff, love is the only answer to the ills of the world… is giving, receiving love is a bonus……a beautiful tune, exquisitly sung.


  3. countess,
    I would have to disagree with you there..

    receiving isn’t a bonus it’s a necessity.

    As Marvin says, everybody NEEDS love. Although the word itself would need personal definition.


  4. NEED. What a word!! NEED LOVE. What a proposition!!! Me? I’ll just stick to listening to the music…. “Open The Door To Your Heart”


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