musicology #10


(Kleeer – Open Your Mind)

I did say no philosophy but, things change…

still sticking with the pucker boogie..and letting music do the talking. but had to mix in a bit of spoken word……y’know !!

It’s the full 12″.. thought about editing out the sax solo out but it wouldnt be the same without it so it stays..feeling it strong and it’s all good.


3 thoughts on “musicology #10

  1. Didn’t rate this one. Still, I didn’t rate the living Jimi Hendriks either…. that’s how clued up I am!!!!!
    A question… Has anyone here ever opened their mind and heart at exactly one and the same time… it ain’t easy. And it’s risky!!!
    On the subject of “hearts”. I can’t stop playing “Open The Door To Your Heart” by Darryl Banks on my metaphysical turn-table. Without wishing to set a/any precedant(s) any chance themusicoligist laying it down physically?? I’d really appreciate it.


  2. one mans coffee is another mans tea.

    I can’t answer that question..all I can add is..

    “They’re both one and the same..ohhhh sing to me that….”

    strange you ask though because this piece is about hearts, minds and the opening thereof. intro, lyrics and the progressive vibes.

    hold tight for that Darryl’s all yours.


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