musicology #4

Cats..fully loaded six shot from themusicologist vaults.

The question is…does it communicate the message?


5 thoughts on “musicology #4

  1. the latest selection seems to us to be a bleak comment on the difficulties of maintaining
    relationships and family life in the present consumer lead the emphasies has to be changed to people not things , putting the health of family life at the heart of our actions.


  2. “seems like love should be easier to bear, but it’s such a heavy load,
    worldwide travelers you aint been nowhere,
    ’til you’ve traveled down loves road”

    lyrics like that don’t grow on trees..

    The intention wasn’t to paint a bleak picture but thats music for you.


  3. i don’t know about the rest of you cats on here, but i’m being exposed to songs i’ve never heard, and i’ve spent my life so far doing pretty much nothing else but listening to and/or playing music. i love it! it’s all amazing stuff – whatever message we take from it. that’s part of the the beauty in my opinion – it’s all personal… thanks again, man. my thoughts are with you.


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