musicology #2

First bit of public speaking today on the subject closest to my heart….our daughter and the obstacles she has to overcome. The audience was none other than 7T, (her class), comprising of around thirty 11-12 year old girls. This may sound like an easy introduction to the art but the truth is I felt like Daniel in the lions den, something I share with Edgar Allen Poe, who also had the experience and found it to be just as challenging.

Having spent a few days/weeks/months making plans as to the message I aimed to communicate I felt mentally ready to deliver a considered and objective view on her current position but nothing could have prepared me for the reality of ‘fronting’ something so emotional and true to Steinbecks words of wisdom ‘the best laid plans of mice and men’ went astray and I found myself instead plumbing the depths of the soul.

As themusicologist I would have wielded a portable ‘system’ and let these pieces do the talking and then, if required, discussed the connection but that transition hasn’t occurred for all you knowledgecats who feel it and in honour to my eldest who climbs mountains and is a constant inspiration I am very proud to dedicate this trinity.

The message takes less than 10 minutes to deliver so if you want to navigate/browse or surf while soaking up the vibes, follow the link to a temporary solution.


4 thoughts on “musicology #2

  1. sitting here listening, thinking and most importantly feeling how these three pieces communicate the message of love. The question I pose to you cats is whether or not you feel it too?


  2. one would truly have to have a heart of stone
    NOT to feel the love flowing from the latest 3 fabulous pieces of music..the dedication swelled
    my soul, and I must say I dont envy you the speech in front of class but I know you will have done it from the heart and that can never be a wrong place to deliver a message from, I must say I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall and I doubt whether even those wonderful pieces of music could have done a better job…….On another note, whats the title of the 3rd piece and who is the singer….ahhhhhhh
    rated it highly!


  3. message arrived – loud and clear
    the sounds are candy to my ear.
    (albeit, like most stuff that touches one in a deep way, heartbreaking too…)

    good on you for going through with talking to 7T, i can only imagine…

    thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Beautiful sounds and inspiring actions all that ever really matters is those moments in your life when someone reaches out and touches you………..teach


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