musicology #1

Having worked out how to stream the universal language this is where themusicologist journey begins. To the right is a boxnet widget, It’s the portal for communicating the message. To make navigation more effective I am naming them all musicology with an appropriate # so discourse on these subjects should use this framework.

I decided to go with 3, 6, 9 in a row for many reasons, (the trinity, soundclash, magic number), but as this isnt the place to discuss philosophy or personal beliefs i decline to reason about it unless related to musicology.

Hold this 6 shot combo from 1962. A very important year especially for Mods, music and society as it was the year Soul made the transition from niche to genre.

All you Lyceum, Tottenham Royal, Greenwich Town Hall and Streatham Locarno cats feel free to throw some shapes… say yeah, yeah, yeah….say yeah, yeah, yeah.


4 thoughts on “musicology #1

  1. What about those of us who weren’t old enough for the above venues?
    Methinks I detect a whiff of Soundclash about this site ….
    Spin that deck bwoy !!


  2. I had the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time the other day and was lent a book by a fellow musicologist. The whole book is a feast of knowledge but the bit that particularly stood out for me was the ‘horses mouth’ picture of the times.
    “The Mod movement, which a year earlier in late ’62 had still been in its infancy, by the end of ’63 had become the teenage scene in the west end”.

    There’s more but I aim to incorporate it into a post on the subject so i’ll leave it there especially as musicologist #1 offers solid evidence that music can and does sow the seeds of change.


  3. not only had the west end become the teenage scene but more specifically the bright young things of the day had colonised the sleezy backstreets of Soho…when I first went there those streets were better known for the prostitutes that walked them and hung out the windows…by ’64 those same streets were full on a saturday night with ‘good looking, fast talking, slow walking’ mods….and we went there for the music!


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